Underwater World Route 3 Emerald Heart Island

06 Dec 2019

The underwater world of the Route 3, the Emerald Heart Island, where everyone has raised the heart to phet the service.

The ⭐ is very comfortable to sit in.

⭐ A buffet of fresh fruit, refreshing drinks.

Beer ⭐ Boat and Island Service

⭐ Beautiful black and white accessories Full-face diving face mask, easy to dive into the water, it is not tired.

Live colored emojis with a report I really want to see the live emo here!

The Indian clownfish is one of the most curious things to do, because the colors are in harmony with the colors of the sea.

See the Ink’s Phrim page and good to mind. I’m not aware of it.

The Big brother of the Moray Eel can be seen as a little bit more difficult to find at night.

The beautiful blue-tiger clam is usually seen, but the paints are filled with sand, but not on the island, because there is a beautiful tiger clam, fa.

The sea of flowers, especially in the Flower island, have a wide field floating into the sea, and the flowers are very nice.

In English, Christmas Tree Worm has many colors. If you get closer, it will phlup the Dodge into the pipe.

Kanpangha is a very bright red, so we will find Kanpangha on the entrance to the Emerald Heart Island because it has a flowing stream that helps to blow the food.