Safe for every trip When going with RESCUE BOAT

09 Dec 2019

Whether you’re on the riding of a jet ski trip, we’ll always have a Rescue boat, no matter how much trouble you have on the Rescue boat. Today we will take you to see every corner. We guarantee that you are traveling with us. Safety comes first to give you the most fun in every trip.

Communication networks and radio phones are very necessary to assist the team. Whether it’s reported as a result of a check-up, including coordination to the relevant people, to help you get to the rescue.

Every time a controller first aid ceremony is important to check out all of them, whether it is a pain medication. Abdominal antidote Stomach bloating Drunken Marine Medicine Drugs, inhalations, alcohol, lint, gauze, bandage, scissors and mosquito repellent sprays.

The rubber ring with the assist rope, where the team can use the rope for drag or tie.

A life jacket will be prepared on board the PAP boat must be entered immediately and must be entered throughout the journey. The team is very focused on the middle of the sea, what happens. Put your life jacket in peace and feel.

Waterproof spotlights. While we are traveling in the middle of the day, it is possible for us to come across a storm or a few events that prevent us from getting into the shore. The spotlights are so light and let other vessels come to help.

Fire Extinguisher Must be prepared for ignition of fuel material and simple combustible liquid. When can it be easily picked up? Fire immediately.

The tool is on a Rescue boat with a jet ski, which has a problem, or how hard it will be to repair a Rescue boat. A wide selection of basic tools are available.