Ranong City tax deductible 15,000 year round what will we wait for?

09 Dec 2019

Say Ranong is a vice city. This is a little sad, but it’s okay if you come to Ranong city and you will be less tax deductible. Up to 15,000 baht add to Happy Visitors will come to know that Ranong City has a fascinating history. There is a beautiful temple and a market that provides close proximity to the Ranong way of life. It’s a great place to enjoy the sea, the waterfalls, the mountains, the beautiful culture, and it can be easily crossed to the Black book.

Know this, and let’s go to Ranong city. Tax deductible of 15,000 baht throughout Ranong round trip to the city, although it is not a second, but it is not two.

The Rattanapam Palace is a palace constructed from the former palace. The former Rattanachat Palace is located at Ranong Town Hall. Built by Mahison, the integrity of a loyal (Collins) is one of the 19 palaces of Thailand who announced a royal decree raised as a palace. The Rattanachas Palace is located on the hillside of the Rattanachas, a palace made with teak wood and golden wood, which exhibit the palace interior. Banthom Room is a king of Chulachomklao (3rd floor) Queen Room (2nd floor). In the building, the building of the building and bridge of the buildings is stamped with the eight buildings inside. There is a camera that can be seen as a video that tells the story of the room.

Danga Falls is a couple of Ranong city. In the rainy season The clear white water flow falls from the steep cliffs, contrasting with the Khem green of the mountain, overlooking the mountains, but far more beautiful. A short walk from the parking lot is close to the Danga then D. During October-December, the royal flower or the capital of Luang-Danga will bloom, adding more charms to the bokeh.

Thanks for the photo from www.tourismthailand.org.

Mountain Grass is another attraction that should not be missed is the miracle of nature that does not arise from going to cut the tree until the bald or planting grass and trim it evenly. Mountain Grass is a bald mountain, naturally occurring in the rainy season, mountains, grass will be green, in the dry face, it will be a beautiful brown hay to the other.

The hot spring is one of the only hot springs in Thailand with no sulfur additives, and there are a few types of hot spring baths in the world. There are 3 ponds in the hot spring. The mother’s pond and the pond’s three ponds high in temperatures of about 65 degrees Celsius. Hot spring baths are also available, and free foot baths are provided.

Muang Ranong Municipal Fresh Market The markets that need to be a place to leave a taste of concentrated food. It has a wide selection of dishes, or a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables. The merchant is cute, greeting, friendly. Want to know if someone is really good? Let’s go on a market to know the answer.

The Myanmar market, straight from the municipal fresh market, is on the back, it will be found in the large Myanmar market. Sell for Thai and Burmese people, and if you walk down, you will find fish market that sells a fish very seriously. Trade with ease at affordable prices.

When you visit Ranong, you have to go to Myanmar to see the world under the Burmese coast where everybody says the perfect tlot. The colourful coral reefs have a lot to see the paepdiao of the clear sea onions the sandy beach.