How to get the most secure water

09 Dec 2019

Travel will be happy and fun. First and foremost, Speed Republic is the most important place to ensure the safety of travelers who are passionate about water activities. We also have good information for you to travel safely, happily and more enjoyable.

Check your information before you travel
You need to check everything from weather. Where to go The routes used include the tour companies who choose to use our Speed Republic service. Choosing a big boat is safer than a small boat ride, of course, and the key to our team through a rigorous safety training. You can trust that you come to a happy trip. A fun, safe and impressive home away.

Check the body before bathing.
We have a team to keep you safe and close. Be careful and advise you before you do any activities. If you don’t have a good swim, you can tell our team at all, and we’ll take you to black-and-white to greet the comic fish.

Czech weather before diving
We have a team that monitors the weather before you travel and before the activities. Every time, you can trust that your travel itinerary will be absolutely safe. The If the officer says there is severe wind wave, the trip cannot be issued. You must not attempt to pull push to go, as well as to comply with the rules and contraindications of the area, to enter the dive strictly and the key should not be diving alone. Try to island the group because if an emergency happens, someone can help and stop diving immediately. If the stream starts, the water is blown away from the shore.