Honeymoon Island Hand to Suite On the new island.

06 Dec 2019

Honeymoon Island Of the Sea of Myanmar It’s on the go, with a sweet line to get the world jealous. Be the first to exclusive The only one who takes you to the honeymoon Island
The service is Super Phet.
Big Boat ⭐ So far, it’s a snap. You will be seated.

⭐ A delicious buffet with fresh fruit and refreshing drinks.

⭐ Free beer on board and on the island. Want to taste at any time and be fully prepared?

⭐ The most extreme diving equipment A full-face diving mask, just like you’re on land, free of charge.

⭐ The activities are well-known for kayaking, want to play a restart of the day.

Opening a new island must be a beautiful, bright, and private. Share the loop until the next one goes.

Most Beautiful This is a newly opened island. We want you to see them together. This is the romantic of the island of Paradise.

The beach is very soft and the water is really beautiful. Who has the problem of taking photos to the fans? Come to this island, certificate of course.

There is a lot of clownfish in the sea, say hi to a variety of cartoon fish.

There are a variety of activities to choose from, so you can enjoy kayaking, restart, or want to go diving and grab a mask.

Level Up your Suite Write some cute names or text together on a small wooden panel.

A buffet lunch is served from the PA head kitchen, where we have selected a really cool hand, especially the chili paste that has been very thick on the ears. Who come to visit us every one of them?

Fruit snacks, drinks, and Cham, as well as a highlight of Myanmar beer, are served on board and on the island.