Full Face Snorkel Mask

09 Dec 2019

Who has matath to conquer the Emerald heart with us every “wow”, we are able to fully arrange for all of them. All other beverages, or Myanmar beer, are all about the company including diving equipment. The most important part of the Joylada trip is the best choice to have never been Naikla before a Full Face diving mask, Snorkel Mask, no more oral breathing hoses, and the nasal breathing is on the ground, all the problems ever caused by black masks. The traditional water is no longer available. The Sabai is very comfortable to see, the view of the beautiful fish, the cute fishes will come from there. There is also a lot of room to fit on each page. 180 The Tadi is not enough to get a lot faster. How far do you want to go? Flick the ankle gently, and then the device with this size will leave the sea diving all day, no one is denied.

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And it’s just as comfortable to mount. Think about the size of the land and still don’t want to remove it. As it says, it’s breath-like on land, so do not be afraid to breathe in the nose to a mask, or to breathe water into the mouth. Sabai really comfortable.

New Face mask Enter the king to choose the size of the page, but if we put it in a small way or bigger than the page, let’s change it.

There are several sizes to fit in your feet. Many people don’t like to wear the flippers, but if it’s not enough, you won’t want to remove it because it helps to swim faster than ever, but don’t forget to be sure to flick on the corals.

Our staff are here to help you choose your feet and masks to find the right size. Our staff are great! Teasing No need to select the entire day, the time is perfect, but if you put it on the boat, then yes, you can get to the water, and you’ll have to change it again before you go to the island.