09 Dec 2019

It is ru that everyone is waiting for. This trip we went with a lead boat, or that we call together on a PWA trip. This boat is a boat that brings a jet ski to travel across the bay from Pattaya to Hua Hin. Customers who come to riding jet ski and want to take The family has been able to sit at this boat. Large vessels, spacious seats, very soft. The bathroom is clean and the toilet can be easily washed. With a wide range of drinks, you can enjoy the jet ski stopover. Who is hungry for the hungry water?

A wide, comfortable, spacious aisle is a very convenient way to walk into the bathroom, walk to the selfie at the head of the boat. I want to get a team of everything.

Full-packed beverage tank Let’s have two big tanks, quench their thirst for rejoice. Soft water Drinks, minerals and other beverages are also provided.
Full day milk dessert with butter

The bathroom is big. Very comfortable, clean and easy to get.

Fully-equipped safety equipment There are both first aid kits, safety vest, rope sets, safety throws and life jackets, traveling with us, safe, comfortable throughout the course.