Eco-tourism We are here to help.

09 Dec 2019

I want to keep the beautiful nature to the end of my child, so we have to save it today. No matter where you travel, you must not destroy the environment.
With an eco-tourism or ecological focus that focuses mainly on conservation. Nature and environment are the fundamental factors of natural tourism. How long will it take for me to help? If we have destroyed nature and ecology, Children will not have the opportunity to see any beauty, and we will come and regret it.

Speed Republic now wants to invite you to explore eco-friendly trips. You will be able to dive into Myanmar’s underwater world in the most natural way.

Do not collect boulders. Shells or anything else in the places where we travel to travel, go home.

It does not cause noise to scare animals, not to damage the environment. Do not do any activities that interfere with living people in the area and people who relax in their places.

Strictly adhere to the rules. The Liuzhou must liuzhou the eye. We must observe the behavior of the people in the area so that we can act correctly, and listen to the counsel from the staff what they can do, and what should not be done to not go beyond the lines of the plot, causing the problem.

Do not leave waste food debris or anything else in the area of the attraction, and if the garbage is in place, it helps each one of the sticks back to the shore to get rid of it properly.