Bound sang

09 Dec 2019

A riding trip across Pattaya-Hua Hin, from which you can also have fun together to participate in social activities. In Project Revive the coastal ecosystem with the Ecological Learning Center of the Sirinat queen by tying the rope sang for a refuge. Spawn and a laengonuban of the young sea animals. This sang rope will help restore resources and marine ecosystems, as well as more abundant, beautiful, handsome, sporty, and well-being. Finally, you have to get special thanks to the heart of the Watchararee Marine Co., Ltd. and the Thai Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Trust to Speed Republic for this exclusive trip.

To put the rope sang to the fish. Spawn and Kindergarten Sea Laon age

Together with help. Paepdiao, we’ve sang the Rope for fish.

Face the riding of the ultimate jet crossing with the bay Ready to join together, build a home for the fish to be happy about this.

Deliver the sang rope to the fishermen to be bound by the sea for the fish to enjoy.