Eco-tourism We are here to help.

I want to keep the beautiful nature to the end of my child, so we have to save it today. No matter where you travel, you must not destroy the environment. With an eco-tourism or ecological focus that focuses mainly on conservation. Nature and environment are the fundamental factors of natural tourism. How long will it take for me to help? If we have destroyed nature and ecology, Children will not have the opportunity to see any beauty, and we will come and regret it. Speed Republic now wants to invite you to explore eco-friendly trips. You will be able to dive into Myanmar’s underwater world in the most natural way. Do not collect boulders. Shells or anything else in the places where we travel to travel, go home. It does not cause noise to scare animals, not to damage the environment. Do not do any activities that interfere with living people in the area and people who relax in their places. Strictly adhere to the rules. The Liuzhou must liuzhou the eye. We must observe the behavior of the people in the area so that we can act correctly, and listen to the counsel from the staff what they can do, and what should not be done to not go beyond the lines of the plot, causing the problem. Do not leave waste food debris or anything else in the area of the attraction, and if the garbage is in place, it helps each one of the sticks back to the shore to get rid of it properly.  

How to get the most secure water

Travel will be happy and fun. First and foremost, Speed Republic is the most important place to ensure the safety of travelers who are passionate about water activities. We also have good information for you to travel safely, happily and more enjoyable. Check your information before you travel You need to check everything from weather. Where to go The routes used include the tour companies who choose to use our Speed Republic service. Choosing a big boat is safer than a small boat ride, of course, and the key to our team through a rigorous safety training. You can trust that you come to a happy trip. A fun, safe and impressive home away. Check the body before bathing. We have a team to keep you safe and close. Be careful and advise you before you do any activities. If you don’t have a good swim, you can tell our team at all, and we’ll take you to black-and-white to greet the comic fish. Czech weather before diving We have a team that monitors the weather before you travel and before the activities. Every time, you can trust that your travel itinerary will be absolutely safe. The If the officer says there is severe wind wave, the trip cannot be issued. You must not attempt to pull push to go, as well as to comply with the rules and contraindications of the area, to enter the dive strictly and the key should not be diving alone. Try to island the group because if an emergency happens, someone can help and stop diving immediately. If the stream starts, the water is blown away from the shore.

5 simple techniques to shoot underwater alang the whole view.

See the beautiful Burmese Sea Not to take enough Lang to keep it difficult to do. The beach is not so hard but in the water. How do you set the camera to Aektha? How can you figure out this beautiful photo? Today, we will be able to show you a beautiful underwater shooting technique, and you can see what you need to prepare for a good view. Page Bang Hair It’s a big dive. It must have a roet image back. Therefore, we must I have to bang You must choose a waterproof cosmetic. Woman bangs a close-up mouth, I need to keep it Don’t let it float into seaweed. Camera with full view This single room has an underwater camera and a wide range of waterproof cases to choose from. Pup PAP, but the main thing to forget is that the “camera check” is in perfect condition. Is there any cracks or leaks, and if the camera does not have an underwater shooting mode, It’s not a problem, we choose the right camera settings. ISO sensitivity is set to low 100-200, because if the ISO is too high, it will cause a full Noise. The aperture section is open for a little of f/8-16 to get a sharper face after blur. The shutter speed was adjusted to 1/30 seconds for coral reefs. Star fish, 1/60 seconds for crab, shrimp, clam or slow moving objects, and 1/125 seconds to shoot the fish. A fresh, colorful bikini, a beautiful dive mask, Alang all the way out. Practice beautiful posts every angle If someone has ever taken a photo underwater, it will be difficult to take it out, but it will not be difficult if we know this technique, and this simple technique is to post a full-fledged gesture like we’re […]

3 fast-paced, no-miss trips

Who’s looking for excitement? To challenge yourself to the next level, we will be able to try the best of the trip for you. If you want to go to the sea, you can choose between Koh Khram and jet on the Gulf of Thailand, or if you want to get 3 trips. This is exactly the same thing as the Finyan model of the generations, whether a beginner’s professional or never rides a jet ski, but I want to try it once and for some time. Pattaya-Koh Khram opens a fresh new perspective, and it’s almost impossible to believe your eyes on the sea. The sea-gradient water has a variety of beautiful fishes and corals to admire. You can enjoy one month at a time, and you’ll have to go for a long day. Ayutthaya , looking at the old town in new angles, is a corner you’ve never seen before. You can see the beauty of the temples from the middle of the Chao Phraya River, which is very memorable. Ride the jet ski across the Gulf of Thailand ‘s ultimate challenge every second. The beautiful wind is a fun way to enjoy a trip to both new and professional. Who wants to press See First to wait for a year only. If you miss a ride over the bay one time, it means waiting for the wings to have again. For more information and reservations, please contact Inbox: m.me/SpeedRepublicThailand/ Line: http://line.me/ti/p/40nbu9359i Call. 08 5394 9791

Full-bodied trip Daring Unlimited

The army must walk with me any stomach. The 4th of the Emerald Heart of the island is a must-have walk. All our trips are full of everything, whether it’s food or drink, is not known to be known, tired on the boat and on the island, especially cold Myanmar beer. Who wants to get a full-bodied trip? Daring Unlimited Book now Inbox: m.me/SpeedRepublicThailand/ Line: http://line.me/ti/p/40nbu9359i Call. 08 5394 9791 A boat ride to the Myanmar Sea has no lonely because we are friends with milk, butter, tea, coffee, soft drink and Burmese beer, Cham daring throughout the trip. A full-fledged feast that serves delicious dishes from the pa of our mother-of-the-air kitchen is guaranteed. The fruit is also provided for a selection of seasonal, fresh, renewable, and refreshing. Food Line Drinks, snacks and fruit are available. The shuffle switch menu is always circulating. Who will come repeatedly to get a delicious, unique, tentative.

5. Myanmar’s Menu Challenge

Traveling in addition to seeing the world wider, it also makes the belly bigger. Now let’s get to know Myanmar’s food. 5 Menu Excellence If anyone has a chance to go to Myanmar and don’t really want to miss it. Mo Hin G The delicious breakfast of the Burmese is very rich, the taste is like a Chinese dessert. Our coconut milk, however, is used as a noodle serving with the herbal soup, which is not laid down at all. Wat Thar Dote Htoe This is a very simple call. The mother will boil a piece of pork until it’s soft and slice it in small pieces. Wooden plug The red sauce is eaten with a fresh, hot chili pepper and garlic, and then the hot soup, Curry Main dishes of all houses It is also known as a national dish. This is the main dish to be a curry, cow, goat, sheep, chicken, shrimp, fish, and even the mango curry. Taste the heart of Myanmar and try to taste the curry. TEA LEAVES SALAD The Burmese menu enjoys a wide variety of fried beans, fried with salt with crushed tea leaves. Ginger, chopped chili pepper and fresh garlic sprinkled with dried shrimp. Some shops have white sesame seeds. Can be served as a doef of snacks or a guest menu. Some of the shops are served after a hot meal. LAH PHET YAY Finally, the Burmese menu of Myanmar tea is a delicious, intense, round-bodied tea that is very rich in every morning and lasts every day. 12 Baht/Glass. This tea is so popular that everyone buys as a souvenir, but it is a ready-made model. The taste is still a real layer of banana.

Fully secure Full of fun rides

Everyone who goes out on a jet ski trip with us is said to be one of the same voices that you choose to travel with Speed Republic because we value the safety of all other things. When riding a jet ski, you are comfortable. There is nothing to worry about when traveling with us, when it’s time to go with anyone who is not comfortable with Speed Republic. Today, we will take a look at each trip. What is the importance of safety? Why do anybody trust us? All employees have been trained in safety before we have their employees to take care of you. All employees are required to go through the most intensive safety training. Both theory and practice, regardless of the situation, you are absolutely safe. Explore the route before the actual departure date Every time before the trip, we will send the team to the real area to explore the water trails, where the villagers have rocks. A stump or something obstructing it. We will know in advance and choose to take you on the most secure water grooves. Review safety prior to travel Before you leave every trip. We will breeze on the security of you and review all the symbols of the hand again. To fully understand the signal to ensure that it is not faulty. There is a rescues boat to navigate , whether taking, we can arrange a boat rescues every time the equipment is fully secured. With a team of experienced ships who are ready to assist you in any situation. The team has both land and water care. In addition to having a Rescues boat with a team, we also have a lot of staff to experience jet ski rides along the way. Niches turns right Turn left Reduce […]

The new hand!!! Choose the most exciting jet ski.

If it’s still exotic and uncanny, I offer you another one of the most fun choices that will take you to a long way of riding a jet ski, and for a new hand, you’ll have the option to choose the right jet ski, and you can get the most out of your jet ski. Try the jet ski ride Jet Ski is available in two styles of SuperJet or jet ski, standing and WaveRunners or jet ski, a test drive. We have Academy to learn both theory and practice to be held monthly, for only 1,000 baht. Jet Ski Touring is a serious Czech again to the firmware. Once you’ve passed the Academy, it’s possible to buy a jet ski, or if it’s not. You want to try the Jet Ski Touring with us for a trip. Choose near to Pattaya Sai Kaew Beach, Koh Khram Noi, Khram Yai, the trip back, there is nothing to think about and buy a jet ski to ride. Then, the model of jet ski will be the most sensational. WaveRunners FX CR SVHO 1, 800CC big engine oil tank 70 liters ride far 90 than kilometres It has a Cruise Control power system and a fine Trim to adjust the balance for best riding. The soft cushion is comfortable to sit up to 3 people and the most important, steady, and most soft. If you want to make the most of it