PATTAYA-HUAHIN Challenge yourself for the ultimate in life.

Speed Republic invites you to challenge yourself with the data across Bay trip from Pattaya to Hua Hin. This trip you will be challenged by the full stage. By the maritime route. The weather is changing at any time, it is a very common measure of the professional or amateur. If you have a data across ride on the bay trip. You will be proud to conquer yourself to the next level, and you’ll want to come over and over again. Try something new and do something that never wants to play. How to Surf Let’s try this trip. The long route allows you to pick up skills all the way. To ride a jet ski, we’ll have a dd to ride together. Get together, challenge and do something new together, so you can help in a timely, or if you’ve dd a long ride. You’ll get a great deal of riding techniques. The most challenging way to get to the sea. You have to try to lift your finger and data across a long trip. Another challenge is the weather. Well, it’s a great place to have a rain in the wind, so we can ride amid the changing climate, sometimes we don’t know what we need to meet. Just think about it. The data across Bay trip is only once a year during this time, you can choose a trip, but the most fun way to get there. Ayutthaya Tribangkong Trip Kanchanaburi I would like to try taking trips Book now Book by Inbox: m.me/SpeedRepublicThailand/ Book by Line: http://line.me/ti/p/40nbu9359i Call. 08 5394 9791

How to ride a data across trip to the bay?

A data across trip from Pattaya to Hua Hin is a challenging trip for all the fun lovers. Want to try riding a jet ski one at a time, and if you’re one, then let’s take a look at the rest of us, but if you want to enjoy your ride with confidence. Let’s take a look at our school. We offer a stand-up jet ski ride with a seating area for you to try. After that, riding a trip nearby, such as the Bang Pakong, Ayutthaya Island, you can also count on the day to data across the bay, or if you want to wait for a trip to Ao Kao. That’s why anyone can ride a jet data across a challenge. If you’re not going to be stuck in this heart, There are many women who ride the jet for a trip. Some of the two are going to take turns to the comfort of a trip. There is no need to ride with us every day, because we have a team of professionals to work with and care closely. The face under the cool hat is hundreds percent of the men. A woman rides brilliantly or data across to conquer the bay. Riding two guys, take turns, riding a casual ride, no tired, no lag, but the fun indeed. Who’s new to riding jet ski crossing the bay? I can’t get any of the items that I can’t withdraw. A great view of the Sea of Thailand In this unique view, it’s a big impression. Jet Ski is a comfortable ride, and if you are a new hand. There is no jet skiing to try and rent with us. The new jet ski has always been a professional technician. There is no mistake in the day.   […]

Safe for every trip When going with RESCUE BOAT

Whether you’re on the riding of a jet ski trip, we’ll always have a Rescue boat, no matter how much trouble you have on the Rescue boat. Today we will take you to see every corner. We guarantee that you are traveling with us. Safety comes first to give you the most fun in every trip. Communication networks and radio phones are very necessary to assist the team. Whether it’s reported as a result of a check-up, including coordination to the relevant people, to help you get to the rescue. Every time a controller first aid ceremony is important to check out all of them, whether it is a pain medication. Abdominal antidote Stomach bloating Drunken Marine Medicine Drugs, inhalations, alcohol, lint, gauze, bandage, scissors and mosquito repellent sprays. The rubber ring with the assist rope, where the team can use the rope for drag or tie. A life jacket will be prepared on board the PAP boat must be entered immediately and must be entered throughout the journey. The team is very focused on the middle of the sea, what happens. Put your life jacket in peace and feel. Waterproof spotlights. While we are traveling in the middle of the day, it is possible for us to come across a storm or a few events that prevent us from getting into the shore. The spotlights are so light and let other vessels come to help. Fire Extinguisher Must be prepared for ignition of fuel material and simple combustible liquid. When can it be easily picked up? Fire immediately. The tool is on a Rescue boat with a jet ski, which has a problem, or how hard it will be to repair a Rescue boat. A wide selection of basic tools are available.

Each of the crew’s duties is different.

On each trip. We prepared a dedicated team of experts in each side to keep you safe and deliver the service that impresses you throughout the trip. And the data across of Pattaya-Hua Hin is one of the two full-fledged transport boats, the ship’s Rescue ship, whether the captain. Crew The technician and Marshall go better to see what each page is doing. The captain is all good at driving, riding a Czech jet. Passenger Terminal No matter what the captain’s capabilities are, we can go. Each of our strong crew is super strong. Heavy duty, low-load, and both on land and water. What’s broken We have a strong invitation to be repaired. We really work with our team of highly seasoned teams to push the jet to crash. What’s not like managing your edits for any problem? What is the coordination team that is ready to report? How many oils do you need to do next step? Who needs it? Where is the jam handled? The team is fully aware of every trip. Protect against protection Ride a jet based on you, no more than one ride, and take along two more to watch and help you in time and take control of the convoy. The speed From start to the destination. What is the problem with the refueling service? The jam is stuck on the loop.

Check out all the steps to prepare you for the fun.

The hotel is not too far from the main attractions, but it is very important that the people who organize the trip are very sensitive. It’s a path and an activity that challenges itself, and you’ll be comfortable with a professional. The fun is full, nothing to worry about. Now you’ll be able to see every step of the intensity. We always check you out. Don’t worry, no matter what you’re going to get home safely and absolutely impressive. Czech weather Czech Republic and then check the other month in advance. The more the last month, the more often the Czech. Called the last check-out of the boat, then check the boat drive. The boat is always on the way to keep you safe. The Sea of the Sok is not the sea, but you can trust our expertise. A team of 17 check-ins, Jet ski, all before trips. Must be tested by our team of professional technicians. Every corner Czech Engine steering system The transmission system transmission and YDIS are called Czech, all the way, not all of them are handled, including check, ship, lead and Rescue ships for a trip with me. Accurate Calculator How much do you plan to ride? There is no need to refill the oil, where there is no tired, no oil, all the way, all through the planning of the very best app for all. If you check out everything is ready, the team is not ready to accept it. Every team is a boss through both theoretical and intensive training, as well as a security training to help you get up and running. Yukya must be ready for an emergency before departure, the team will check everything. Always for first aid Whether it is a pain medication Abdominal antidote Drunk medicine, alcohol, […]


It is ru that everyone is waiting for. This trip we went with a lead boat, or that we call together on a PWA trip. This boat is a boat that brings a jet ski to travel across the bay from Pattaya to Hua Hin. Customers who come to riding jet ski and want to take The family has been able to sit at this boat. Large vessels, spacious seats, very soft. The bathroom is clean and the toilet can be easily washed. With a wide range of drinks, you can enjoy the jet ski stopover. Who is hungry for the hungry water? A wide, comfortable, spacious aisle is a very convenient way to walk into the bathroom, walk to the selfie at the head of the boat. I want to get a team of everything. Full-packed beverage tank Let’s have two big tanks, quench their thirst for rejoice. Soft water Drinks, minerals and other beverages are also provided. Full day milk dessert with butter The bathroom is big. Very comfortable, clean and easy to get. Fully-equipped safety equipment There are both first aid kits, safety vest, rope sets, safety throws and life jackets, traveling with us, safe, comfortable throughout the course.  

Pin a point peak riding the Gulf

The journey across the bay will have to ride the jet ski by yourself. The route across Pattaya-Hua Hin is a never-miss route, no matter how new amateurs, amateurs or professionals can conquer each other through each island. Another view of unique travel is a new experience that will keep you on the go. Today, chic the peak of the data across Bay. The beach is sure to ride to the Gulf of Thailand. Leave Pattaya for a while, we can stop at Koh Rin. Sea water is pretty much. It is unbelievable that only 21 kilometers west from Pattaya will be to see the beautiful island. The blue waters are clear and beautiful, and this is a deep dive spot with plenty of natural water. Take a break at the beautiful view point of the clear waters at Pak Nam Pran, overlooking Khao Kalok or the park. Small Mountain If you look from the sea, he is a big skull, and the Bo is called a hollow socket. We have a visit to Khao Takiab. On the summit of the Buddha statue forbid a large relative. There is no way to get to the top. Enjoy the views of the sea and the town of Hua Hin. The view is cool and delicious, no matter who you’re looking for, you don’t want to come home. The beach is surrounded by limestone mountains, making it a beautiful multiply. Bang Poo Beach is located in Bang Pu village, a pier to Laem Sala and Phraya Nakhon Cave. It has a width of about 1 km chao the beach Sunrise splashing light on the sea water. It is not so light, and the key is the location of a crab private. The beach resort is a private tua that we take you […]

ALL-ROUND SAFETY in all stages

Than you can do each trip. The safety of Speed Republic is always the first priority because of its fun. If travelers feel unsafe, all the Joylada will take into account the highest safety of all travellers and data across the trip to Pattaya Bay-Hua Hin is one of the many fun things to do, because we take care of the safety of every step when feeling safe. There’s nothing to do with the great experience today, so let’s take a look at the beginning of the security of the story. Include the rule’s clarification Rules and safety to understand the match with weather summary. Wind waves include a path to ride the jet ski together again. To refill any oil, you can stop at any point. In the journey, the gold-led boat is equipped with The comfort of your subscribers or anyone who rides the jet for a long time, I would like to stay at this boat on a spacious seat. Water Pump-up toilet It is easy to use, clean and comfortable with a sink. There is also a daring of milk, butter and cold drinks. Followed by a silver boat, a Rescue boat closed on this boat, in addition to the comfort of a spacious seating room. Wash your hands and keep your safety equipment full. Both first aid kit, life loop, rubber ring, torch and other safety accessories. Before you leave every trip. The team will check the total number of travellers. Not all does not start to protect against loss of security. The crew of Recue experiences not only drive ships in all forms, but also to know the most advanced safety, with full care of all crew users. 100 The end of the ship and the ship follows will have a team to observe […]