ALL-ROUND SAFETY in all stages

09 Dec 2019

Than you can do each trip. The safety of Speed Republic is always the first priority because of its fun. If travelers feel unsafe, all the Joylada will take into account the highest safety of all travellers and data across the trip to Pattaya Bay-Hua Hin is one of the many fun things to do, because we take care of the safety of every step when feeling safe. There’s nothing to do with the great experience today, so let’s take a look at the beginning of the security of the story.

Include the rule’s clarification Rules and safety to understand the match with weather summary. Wind waves include a path to ride the jet ski together again. To refill any oil, you can stop at any point.

In the journey, the gold-led boat is equipped with The comfort of your subscribers or anyone who rides the jet for a long time, I would like to stay at this boat on a spacious seat. Water Pump-up toilet It is easy to use, clean and comfortable with a sink. There is also a daring of milk, butter and cold drinks.

Followed by a silver boat, a Rescue boat closed on this boat, in addition to the comfort of a spacious seating room. Wash your hands and keep your safety equipment full. Both first aid kit, life loop, rubber ring, torch and other safety accessories.

Before you leave every trip. The team will check the total number of travellers. Not all does not start to protect against loss of security.

The crew of Recue experiences not only drive ships in all forms, but also to know the most advanced safety, with full care of all crew users. 100

The end of the ship and the ship follows will have a team to observe all the irregularities. No matter what happens to you. The team will be able to see and help immediately.

The head of the boat is the same as the team. To keep up with the dangers of all trips.

No matter where you parked your boat, relax! Our team will look forward to all of the skis as well. No worries, there is no need for our team to take care of the exact worry.

The Marshall team will take care of the next level of safety. Take care of you, not to control the train. The speed starts from the start to the destination.