6 Advantages of Sea Tour

09 Dec 2019

Whether you’re a happy dida or a broken love, we’ll think of the sea and know the sea is great. It’s also good for health, and you can get exclusive services. Together trip

Big Boat ⭐ There is a high-end photo. You will be seated.

⭐ A very delicious buffet with fresh fruit and cool drinks.

⭐ Free beer for Myanmar throughout the day, on board and on the island.

⭐ The most extreme diving equipment A full-face diving mask, just like you’re on land, free of charge.

The sea is good for the health of this body. Recharge the power to the new year with the most vivid and happy

A good sutklin of sea water will make the nose open for allergies.

Take a stroll on the sandy beach A small grain of sand will be cleaned into the foot of the nail, as well as the heel.

Young office is a great place to come to the sea because swimming in the sea can help with the treatment of the Office syndrome.

Walking in shallow waters, around the waist will help to manage muscles and help relieve muscles as well.

It takes about 20-30 minutes to sit on the beach to concentrate, calm and relieve well.

The seafood is rich in ivory, especially for its high-nutrients, fresh, simple, and full-sized food.