5 simple techniques to shoot underwater alang the whole view.

09 Dec 2019

See the beautiful Burmese Sea Not to take enough Lang to keep it difficult to do. The beach is not so hard but in the water. How do you set the camera to Aektha? How can you figure out this beautiful photo? Today, we will be able to show you a beautiful underwater shooting technique, and you can see what you need to prepare for a good view.

Page Bang Hair
It’s a big dive. It must have a roet image back. Therefore, we must I have to bang You must choose a waterproof cosmetic. Woman bangs a close-up mouth, I need to keep it Don’t let it float into seaweed.

Camera with full view
This single room has an underwater camera and a wide range of waterproof cases to choose from. Pup PAP, but the main thing to forget is that the “camera check” is in perfect condition. Is there any cracks or leaks, and if the camera does not have an underwater shooting mode, It’s not a problem, we choose the right camera settings. ISO sensitivity is set to low 100-200, because if the ISO is too high, it will cause a full Noise. The aperture section is open for a little of f/8-16 to get a sharper face after blur. The shutter speed was adjusted to 1/30 seconds for coral reefs. Star fish, 1/60 seconds for crab, shrimp, clam or slow moving objects, and 1/125 seconds to shoot the fish. A fresh, colorful bikini, a beautiful dive mask, Alang all the way out.

Practice beautiful posts every angle
If someone has ever taken a photo underwater, it will be difficult to take it out, but it will not be difficult if we know this technique, and this simple technique is to post a full-fledged gesture like we’re dancing in the underwater. The app is surrounded by a multitude of fish and corals.

Soft Light
The perfect moment for underwater photography is that the sun is sunsets early before 10 a.m. and after 2 o’clock, as the underwater light spreads out to be more beautiful than the other.

Safety in mind Understanding Underwater World animals
The most important thing about taking photos is to take into account the safety of this. We do not want to be more than enough to fit the safety of your images. It’s a great way to shoot underwater, but not so close to the animals in the undersea world. It is near to destroying the abundance of corals and causing harm to yourself.