5. Myanmar’s Menu Challenge

09 Dec 2019

Traveling in addition to seeing the world wider, it also makes the belly bigger. Now let’s get to know Myanmar’s food. 5 Menu Excellence If anyone has a chance to go to Myanmar and don’t really want to miss it.

Mo Hin G
The delicious breakfast of the Burmese is very rich, the taste is like a Chinese dessert. Our coconut milk, however, is used as a noodle serving with the herbal soup, which is not laid down at all.

Wat Thar Dote Htoe
This is a very simple call. The mother will boil a piece of pork until it’s soft and slice it in small pieces. Wooden plug The red sauce is eaten with a fresh, hot chili pepper and garlic, and then the hot soup,

Main dishes of all houses It is also known as a national dish. This is the main dish to be a curry, cow, goat, sheep, chicken, shrimp, fish, and even the mango curry. Taste the heart of Myanmar and try to taste the curry.


The Burmese menu enjoys a wide variety of fried beans, fried with salt with crushed tea leaves. Ginger, chopped chili pepper and fresh garlic sprinkled with dried shrimp. Some shops have white sesame seeds. Can be served as a doef of snacks or a guest menu. Some of the shops are served after a hot meal.


Finally, the Burmese menu of Myanmar tea is a delicious, intense, round-bodied tea that is very rich in every morning and lasts every day. 12 Baht/Glass. This tea is so popular that everyone buys as a souvenir, but it is a ready-made model. The taste is still a real layer of banana.