5 Myanmar coral reefs where everybody is a cool

09 Dec 2019

During the time of the coral reefs in Thailand, recovering from the bleached coral phenomenon in the year 2553 and following the latest news, coral reefs of Thailand were recovering more than 80. One of the reasons why the corals recovered very quickly this size is because the coral larvae of the Guixols islands of Myanmar, this means that the corals of the Myanmar sea are really beautiful and perfect. In the underwater world of Myanmar.

Coral Antler
is said to be beautiful and completely complete. Dive into the water and look down with the magnificent view of the colourful antler coral fields. Blue, green, red and pink have no ruins to see even less.

Salad Coral
At the Myanmar side Sea, this is a very complete lettuce reef. Spread the corals in a very beautiful way.

The brain
is a solid coral kon, like a brain, with a small groove and a big groove based on the size of a coral trail of corals.

The fresh green Bush
is very bright, so the eyes are phum. The little fish are very nice. The fish are very cool.

Rock Coral

The corals that are caused by sludge deposits cause algae or sponges to grow. We can see as a horseshoe. The rings can be seen from the water region down and in a deeper place.

In addition, the Sea of Myanmar has many beautiful coral reefs and sea flowers. With a wide variety of fish, welcome. Make sure that you don’t lose 5 different corals.